How to Prep Your SUV for a Road Trip?

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Planning on hitting the road in your SUV for a fun vacation? Here are several essential preparation tips to keep in mind:

Check Your Vehicle for Potential Issues

Start by giving your SUV an inspection, just the owner’s manual may recommend. You can check engine oil levels, power steering friction, air conditioning issues, and wheel performance. Look for things you are able to in your individual capacity. If you notice any problems, right them down. You can also write down any improvements you want to make to your vehicle before leaving on the vacation.

Go in for a Professional Check-Up

Once yourself check-up is done, you need to take your vehicle to a professional auto mechanic. Remember the list of SUV problems you wrote down earlier? You can present this list to the mechanic. The main reason you need to get a professional inspection, even if it’s time consuming, is because the pros can inspect things that the average SUV owners don’t. For example, a mechanic can check for faults in the brakes or the engine that regular owners are not knowledgeable enough to do so.

Once you are at the mechanic, do inform that you are planning to take your vehicle on a road trip. The mechanic will be able to recommend fixes and improvements that would help you drive on the planned terrain.

Get the Right Wheelset

The most important part of the vehicle that needs improvement would be the wheels, which is the SUV part that comes into contact with the road. Your mechanic can suggest whether you need to switch the wheels to match the terrain you would be driving in. You need to go in at least two weeks in advance for this advice, mainly because you might not be able to find those 4wd tyres Perth right away with time to fix them to the SUV.

Pack an Extra Battery and a Tyre

The batteries need to be checked thoroughly by a professional before you go on the road trip. Batteries are one of the most likely parts that could give your SUV trouble on the road. Therefore, in addition the testing the existing battery, you might want to pack an extra one as a precaution. Pack an extra battery even if you replace the one in the SUV.

Clean the Interior of Your SUV

Don’t forget to thoroughly vacuum the interior of the SUV before you hit the road. Considering that you are going on a road trip that would make the SUV dirty, this step might seem redundant. But remember that everyone would be spending a lot of time inside the vehicle than on regular weekdays. A clean interior, therefore, is a must.

Consider Installing Vacation-Enhancing Accessories

You will have to think in advance whether you want any accessories installed on the SUV just for the trip. For example, you may prefer to install a car rack to carry luggage or specific items like bicycles or surfboards. You may prefer to improve the entertainment system of your vehicle, such as by installing things like TVs if your SUV already doesn’t have them.

Once you have gone through the above suggested steps, your SUV would be ready to hit the road. To get everything done on time, go to the mechanic weeks in advance and don’t leave anything to the last minute.

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