The Most Important Safety Accessories for Your Vehicle

Considering how much you paid for your car, you may think that it is absolutely fine just the way that it is. Now, for the most part, you would be right. However, while your vehicle may be already equipped with certain safety features, it is also probably lacking quite a few. The good news for you is that just because these elements aren’t included in your vehicle doesn’t mean that you have to do without them. So, below, you will find some of the accessories that will make it a lot safer for you to drive your vehicle around:

Blind Spot Mirrors

Sometimes, when you look in your side mirrors, you are met with a rather frightening view. Although you may able to see some of the vehicles or road behind you, a certain part is obscured. This, of course, means that you can be surprised by vehicles in this blind spot. Fortunately, this problem can be easily remedied with the help of a blind spot mirror. These can be quickly and easily attached to your side mirror, allowing you to see much more of the road than before. Thus, you will be able to make more informed decisions, every time that you are driving.

Tyre Pressure Sensors

Most people take their tyres for granted and don’t actually consider just how important they are. Specifically, you need to be concerned with making sure that they are inflated to just the right level. This can be a bit tricky to manage simply by looking at the tyres but tyre pressure monitors can give you a more precise reading. In case you are wondering just why you should include these in your vehicle, the answer is simple. If the tyres are underinflated, you run the risk of blowouts, a greater braking distance, and poor handling. On the other hand, over-inflation can seriously affect the traction of the car.

Smartphone-Friendly Backup Camera

If you are lucky enough to drive a modern model, then you may find that your vehicle is already equipped with a backup camera. With older models, though, you will have to find a different way to see the obstacles behind your car. Luckily, there are now backup cameras that can stream the live video to your smart phone. This cuts down on the hassle of having to hook one up to your car, costing you more money in the process.

Storage Compartments

A great number of drivers don’t realise that any loose objects in their vehicle can become flying projectiles during a crash or erratic driving scenarios. These items can travel at immense speed and cause serious damage both to you and the vehicle. This is why it is quite so significant for you to keep all of these things away securely. This can be done with the help of nets, organisers, and similar products that can work to keep all of your items well away from you.

These are the accessories that will keep you safe in a number of different driving situations. As such, you should take care to have them set up in your vehicle for your own protection.

Tips for Making Your First Drive Easy

Getting your driver’s license is a big milestone in the life of anybody regardless of how old you are when you get it. However driving solo for the first time can also be a very scary experience. It can also be rather intimidating to see that you are driving alone with so many other vehicles on the road which is why it is always best to make sure that you take all the steps necessary to take you through your first few solo driving sessions safely. Here are some things that you should try out because they will definitely help you out.

Make Sure You Know Where You Are Headed

The first few times of driving by yourself can be tough because there may be times when you have to navigate the vehicle through some tricky spots with care. Therefore if you can make the use of reversing cameras you should, because it will make your job a lot easier rather than trying to see where you are backing up to while driving manually. Likewise, check to see what kind of help you can get in terms of technology so that you can gradually build your confidence to drive solo without feeling any trepidation.

Practice Before You Get On the Highway

Getting on the highway should not be your priority when you start driving unless you are a good driver and you are confident about yourself. On the other hand you should not try to tackle routes that are of a high difficulty level either with a lot of traffic. Instead try to focus on tackling routes that are easier add avoid of traffic as much as possible while you get used to the feel of the vehicle and gain complete control of it. This way when you do go out on the highway you will see that you do not feel scared or anxious.

Always Make Sure Your Safety Gear Is On

Your airbags should be well and working, your safety belt should always be locked in place while you are driving, the brakes should work properly and your lights should all be spot on. You should also be able to clearly see the road when you are seated and if you are lacking in height you should implement a method that has been told you to by your driving instructors so that you see the road ahead. Before you leave the house or wherever you are, make sure that you check all of these safety gears to make sure that you are all set for the road.

Don’t Drink and Drive

This is something that is so obvious but is strangely also one of the leading causes of fatal accidents all around the world. Once you have your driver’s license you are in charge of your vehicle. Always stay sober if you plan on driving and if you are going to enjoy a few drinks make sure that you leave your vehicle in a safe place and collect it the next day. Catch a cab back home instead.

Top Accessories for Every Motorcycle Enthusiast

For every motorcycle enthusiast, what will never go out of style is their motorcycle riding accessories. These accessories are so great because they do not only give you the vibe and feel of a real born and raised motorcycle rider but they are also great for ensuring safety when you are up with your ride catching and chasing the wind. So look no further. Here are the top accessories every motorcycle enthusiast must have.

Head Gears and Helmets

Head gears and helmets do not only complete your overall rider look but they are also quite essential in ensuring your safety while riding your motorcycle. Regardless, they are strictly mandated by the government so, wearing them really is a must. There are quite a few types of helmets. There are those which are just covering the top of your head. There are those which cover your entire head. You just have to choose which one is comfortable for you and one that’s within your budget.

Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Motorcycle riding gloves are perfect for keeping your hands protected from the constant friction of griping your motorcycle handles. They also are great for protecting your hands against bruises and cuts in the off chances of accidents. They are both a great piece of protective equipment and stylish. Isn’t that great?

A Pair of Eye Goggles

One thing to put in mind when riding a motorcycle compared to a car is that you are far more exposed to the elements like the sun and wind. And when riding, the sense you will prominently use are your eyes. So, when driving, make sure they are protected with dragon goggles especially when you are wearing a helmet that only covers the top of your head.

A Good Ol’ Rider Jacket

A motorcycle enthusiast’s greatest adversary when riding is the wind. Though it is great to feel the wind flow past your skin as you accelerate, it can ruin the state and neatness of your clothes. So, better wear something to cover them and what other better thing to wear than a good ol’ rider jacket or vest. There are tons to choose from – mesh jackets to leather vests. Just choose one that’s appropriate for the weather.

A Pair of Rider Pants

Rider Pants or Jeans may sound silly to the average ear but not to the motorcycle enthusiast. They give you that complete overall finish to really look the part as a true hard-core motorcycle rider. Not only are they more comfortable to wear when riding than denim but they also offer better protection in the case of accidents that cause you to clash with the pavement.

Joint Covers (For your Elbows, Shoulders and Knees)

For every motorcycle enthusiast, it is all about the details. Even the smallest accessories can make a big difference in feeling more into it when riding your motorbike. So, another top accessory to consider may be joint covers, specifically, elbow, shoulder and knee covers. There are some built in into motorcycle suits but they are not able to give that much protection as compared to separate pieces.

Have a piece of each top accessory above. Have a great time riding with the wind.

Things to Check before Buying a Used Vehicle

Are you planning on buying a used vehicle? If that is the case you should make sure that you make the right decision when you choose the vehicle and the amount of money that you are willing to pay for it. Not looking into some of the most important factors in a vehicle that has been used already can lead to massive repair bills and you will simply not be able to enjoy the vehicle that you bought. So here are some helpful pointers on things that you should definitely look into before you buy a used vehicle.

Is The Seller Reliable?

One of the first things that you should be thinking about is whether or not the seller is reliable. If you are going to be buying from a dealership that offers vehicles that have been used, you will most probably refer to a website and social media pages of the company or sometimes people would have recommended them as well. But if you are buying from a private seller who is just doing this as a one-off thing, you will have to be careful and wise in order to make sure that the seller is reliable and not trying to rip you off. For this the best thing that you could possibly do is to do research about the vehicle that you are going to buy, its cost and the condition and the likes.

What Is The Condition Of The Vehicle In General?

You will also need to think about the condition of the vehicle as a whole. Even though you may not be able to go into detail about the condition, what does it look like from the outside? You can even get the help of a reliable car service Perth. This way, you can assess the condition of the vehicle if you know a good mechanic who would be willing to come with you to inspect the car you are planning to buy. If the vehicle looks and feels like it has been put through some rough use you should be wary about buying it. Look for any signs of damage and excessive repairs been done to the vehicle and you will also need to make sure that you take a look at the engine and the likes before you agree to buy.

Are the Papers All Clear?

There will definitely be some type of paperwork that you will need based on the country and the location that you are in when you buy a vehicle. Make sure that all this is clear and that you will not be taking on any issues that actually need to be handled by the original owner. Once you have completed the deal you will not be able to turn back on it so make sure that you complete all of the reading and double checking beforehand. If there is anything that alarms you or you feel is not right look into it right away.

How to Prep Your SUV for a Road Trip?

Planning on hitting the road in your SUV for a fun vacation? Here are several essential preparation tips to keep in mind:

Check Your Vehicle for Potential Issues

Start by giving your SUV an inspection, just the owner’s manual may recommend. You can check engine oil levels, power steering friction, air conditioning issues, and wheel performance. Look for things you are able to in your individual capacity. If you notice any problems, right them down. You can also write down any improvements you want to make to your vehicle before leaving on the vacation.

Go in for a Professional Check-Up

Once yourself check-up is done, you need to take your vehicle to a professional auto mechanic. Remember the list of SUV problems you wrote down earlier? You can present this list to the mechanic. The main reason you need to get a professional inspection, even if it’s time consuming, is because the pros can inspect things that the average SUV owners don’t. For example, a mechanic can check for faults in the brakes or the engine that regular owners are not knowledgeable enough to do so.

Once you are at the mechanic, do inform that you are planning to take your vehicle on a road trip. The mechanic will be able to recommend fixes and improvements that would help you drive on the planned terrain.

Get the Right Wheelset

The most important part of the vehicle that needs improvement would be the wheels, which is the SUV part that comes into contact with the road. Your mechanic can suggest whether you need to switch the wheels to match the terrain you would be driving in. You need to go in at least two weeks in advance for this advice, mainly because you might not be able to find those 4wd tyres Perth right away with time to fix them to the SUV.

Pack an Extra Battery and a Tyre

The batteries need to be checked thoroughly by a professional before you go on the road trip. Batteries are one of the most likely parts that could give your SUV trouble on the road. Therefore, in addition the testing the existing battery, you might want to pack an extra one as a precaution. Pack an extra battery even if you replace the one in the SUV.

Clean the Interior of Your SUV

Don’t forget to thoroughly vacuum the interior of the SUV before you hit the road. Considering that you are going on a road trip that would make the SUV dirty, this step might seem redundant. But remember that everyone would be spending a lot of time inside the vehicle than on regular weekdays. A clean interior, therefore, is a must.

Consider Installing Vacation-Enhancing Accessories

You will have to think in advance whether you want any accessories installed on the SUV just for the trip. For example, you may prefer to install a car rack to carry luggage or specific items like bicycles or surfboards. You may prefer to improve the entertainment system of your vehicle, such as by installing things like TVs if your SUV already doesn’t have them.

Once you have gone through the above suggested steps, your SUV would be ready to hit the road. To get everything done on time, go to the mechanic weeks in advance and don’t leave anything to the last minute.